Tilburg University

Christianity is an initiative of Tilburg University. The website aims to give visitors an understanding of labor market developments within the field of Christianity. The visualization is built using various APIs. Because of the dependence on APIs we have less grip on the quality of the data.

Note: The visualization does not give a full picture of the intended field, only an estimation.

Indeed API

On daily basis new vacancies are counted using the Indeed API.

At present, we use the following queries:
beleidsmedewerker geloof, beleidsmedewerker religie, diaken, docent levensbeschouwing, docent religie, gevangenispastor, hoogleraar theologie, identiteitsbegeleider, journalist geloof, journalist religie, medewerker kerk, medewerker spiritualiteit, medewerker zingeving, pastoor, pastoraal werker, religiewetenschapper, ritueelbegeleider, zingevingsbegeleider